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Rejuvenate in nature's embrace within verdant greenery that's nearly four times more than other residential areas and covers an average 35% of lush landscape. Cruise home along a majestic tree-lined boulevard. Precincts are distinguished by landscaped gardens of unique inspirations such as 'denai' and 'tempua' that feature sweeping vistas of tropical trees. Landscaped junctions, roundabouts and green spaces complement the surroundings. Pristine community gardens sparkle with soothing fountains and cascading waters. The lush foliage all around was specially selected to delight your senses.

- A symphony of nature
- A symphony of space
- A symphony of comfort & reassurance
- A symphony of pleasure

Green spaces cover an average of 35% per precinct
Wide, tree-lined boulevards
Breathtaking theme gardens
Eco-friendly rain water harvesting
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